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Training Executive Eric Meth (905) 468 8107

Assistant Training Officer Greg Stratychuk (905) 646-0387

Please Note: Pre-registration for courses is essential! Course materials come from CPS Headquarters in Ontario and take time to receive. Insufficient numbers will cause classes to be cancelled. Please preregister AT LEAST one week prior to classes starting.

Winter Registration will be done on-line. Check our course schedule on the Course Page

All students have to complete at least the Personal Craft Operator Certificate (PCOC) to get a Boating Certificate! We recommend to take our series of courses to prepare you for a full enjoyment of Recreational Boating.

PCOC – Prerequisite: none

All operators of motorized pleasure craft are required to show proof of operator competency.

To get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), you need to write a test approved by Transport Canada. This handbook helps you and your family prepare for that test. All you need to know for your test is presented in an easy to read format that is both informative and entertaining. You can be confident in knowing that this study guide meets all the standards established by Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety. Once comfortable with the study material, you may write the PCOC exam.
As an extra benefit, if you pass the test offered by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, your Card is recognized by BOTH Transport Canada and The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (USA). You may contact Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons to locate a testing
facility in your area.

Our recommended path is to first complete The Boating Course

The other courses that follow The Boating Course in order are; Seamanship, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigator, Senior Navigator. All courses build on knowledge acquired in the previous course.

Elective Courses mostly can be taken in any order except for Fundamentals of Weather which leads to Global Weather. Elective Courses tend to be shorter. Our teaching season usually runs from September to April. The Boating Course is usually offered twice, in the fall and in the winter Boating Basics is offered on demand from May to September. The others are offered as demand warrants and instructors are available.

Addition information on all the courses can be found on the Drop Down Menus from this one!