Radio Operator’s Certificate (Maritime)

ROC(M) Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime)

The ROC(M) is required by the Canadian Government to operate a radio on the Water or Land to talk to boats on the water! CPS is the authorised agent to issue this certificate on behalf of the Canadian Government.

The course is approximately 6 hours long and is run on a Saturday. It is necessary for people to obtain the student material (Book and CD) at least one week before the course and to review the material before class.

The class is limited to a maximum of 10 people and potential students should call 905 468 8107 to make sure space is available.

If you wish to obtain all material the cost is $95. If two people wish to share the material the second person would only pay $55 It is possible to download an ebook from the www.CPS-ECP.CA so the cost of the course would only be $55

Lunch is available at the location for an additional cost or fast food is located nearby. As this location is a restaurant, people are NOT allowed to bring their own food!

Registration will be done on and can be paid with a credit card. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, you can pay when you obtain your material, or on the day of the course.

Any question please call Eric Meth at 905 468 8107