Electronic Courses

Electronic Courses

Electronic Charting Electronic Charting

This course takes over where Navigating with GPS leaves off, with the more advanced features of electronic charting. Learn about the different kinds of electronic charting, how they were developed, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them. Get the latest information about connecting your GPS to a laptop, desktop, PDA or tablet computer, and navigational programs. You get practical knowledge by using an electronic charting program that is included on the accompanying CD with over 200 electronic charts.

Electronic Navigation Electronic Navigation

This course will allow the pleasure craft operator to navigate safely knowing his exact location at all times. You will learn to navigate using GPS and paper charts as well as electronic charting devices. It includes a CD containing a number of charts and a full scale simulator of a chart plotter to help you learn by doing. Join with others to share experiences and knowledge.

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Navigating with GPS Navigating with GPS

This seminar will introduce you to the versatile Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. With this course, you will learn simple explanations of the system which makes GPS such an effective navigational aid as well as methods of extracting the maximum navigational information from your equipment. Improved position information, course planning and real time speed/direction data improves your boating safety and cruise enjoyment, while reducing transit time and fuel consumption.

RADAR for Pleasure Craft RADAR for Pleasure Craft

This course covers the different types of RADAR equipment, their capabilities and limitations. Understand the available features and how they apply to your needs. Learn to navigate using RADAR, and to determine where you are.

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